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Do People Need A College Education To Be Successful

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“Higher education is not a luxury. It's an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford." Says the United States President, Barack Obama. The number of students who dropped out of high school in 2013 was 3,030,000. The majority of these students blamed their economic status for their lack of participation in college. Obtaining a degree takes work ethic and time. There are other available opportunity’s to go to college without worrying about your economic issue. Dropping out of high school is not an option. It can ruin your open window to college. Statistics show why college education is immensely needed to thrive in life; therefore, people should know what necessary requirements they need to accomplish, initiate an economic decision, and know how the education choice will affect a job selection as well as their future.
College can be a very rigorous challenge, it takes work ethic, time and responsibility. If people do not put in the effort they will not succeed in life. As Thomas Edison once said “There is no substitute for hard work.” Meaning there is no one doing the work for someone, it is all up to the student to take the authority and get good grades. Everything matters in high school.
In high school some kids might think their C on a test is just another grade in the grade book, but actually it goes on your transcript to college. All grades play a toll on a college education, even benchmarks or end of the year exams. Maybe someone got A’s in all classes except for science and another person got A’s in every single class. Colleges will more than likely pick the person with straight A’s first.
Hence the need for colleges to focus on academics they also look to see if a person takes part in extracurricular activities. Universities and colleges want to see someone who encompasses something other than academics. Writer of the online article “Extracurricular School Activities and their Benefits” Joy Burgess says “They want to see that students are getting out there and doing more than just book work. The activities that teens are involved in reveal a lot about them, and definitely will say something to the college admissions committees”. For instance college’s look for students who does committee...

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