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Do Animals Have A Say?: Comparative Analysis Of Animal Rights, Human Wrongs And Proud To Be Speciecist

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The subject of animal testing for human advantages has always been a debatable topic. It is still undecided whether the use of animals for human benefits is morally right. On the other hand it is scientists and researchers who think that animals are good testing subjects because of various reasons such as preventing harmful products or finding cures to diseases. The two essays “Animal Rights, Human Wrongs” by Tom Regan and “Proud to be Speciesist” by Stephen Rose talk about the concerns of animal rights but display the opposite viewpoints on the use of animals. Regan's argument has a more broad concept to the matter while Rose takes a deeper dive into exacts with an opinionated personal vibe. As the authors continue writing it is obvious that Regan opposes the use of animals for humans and declares it is not justified, and Rose’s contradiction is the idea of humans’ well-being and existence being way more vital; therefore animals for experimenting is tolerable. Both authors provide the readers with ethos, pathos and logos, but Regan surpasses Rose by supplying his readers with reasonable examples and gained credibility for displaying the entire image of the issue with several real-life illustration. On the other hand, Rose lacks strength in logos which is merely built on just research and experiments from science whereas, Regan is more reliable as he has proven his evidence with solidly in his attempt to keep an open-mind on the issue.
First off, both authors use ethos in their essays that gives them a lot of credibility with animal rights. Regan is very educated in the details that the law provides for animal rights and knows where most of the killings transpire. At the very beginning he mentions how specific species are already endangered and goes on to elaborate how animals are “protected by agreement of the member nations of the International Whaling Commission” (Regan 336). Here, Regan’s ethos is displayed because he is showing who is accountable for the protection of these irreplaceable animals. He clearly provides us with information on the group of people who butcher these blue whales and gives us a hands-on illustration on how the butchers operate the whaling process. “But the crew has other things on their mind. It will take hours of hard work to butcher the huge carcass, a process now carried out at sea” (336). Along the way, Regan is trying to prove why humans should treat animals with respect instead of killing them by saying “the onus of justification must be borne by those who cause the harm to show that they do not violate the rights of the individuals involved” (339). Regan is trying to make the hunters prove that they are not hurting or endangering any whales and to deem their actions as justice. Regan’s credibility overshadows the narrow-minded ideas of Stephen Rose. Rose’s argument about using animals for science shows that his arguments or opinion are only based off of scientific facts and logical thoughts. Since Rose is a...

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