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Do School Sports Help Prevent Drug Usage?

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Years and years put to hard work and expansive research still struggle to find the answer to one of the most controversial and complicated struggles that our world has faced since the dawn of our species. Since religions were first invented, drugs were used for rituals, celebrations and as everyday habits. Nowadays, drugs are overtaking the world and its population. Just in the U.S, over 47 million people have experienced some type of illegal drugs and in 2011, around 7 million citizens were registered as drug addicts.
Now, is this problem tackable? Are there proven ways to prevent drug usage? Recent surveys and experiments-over-time on students have shown simple yet powerful ways to address this problem. One of the top-used one was “sports”. Sports, in fact, are, and have been, the cure to depression, obesity and of course, drugs. Why is that so? The simple answer is that sports solely take our time and become a drug itself. Bodybuilders, professional soccer/basketball players and even ping-pong players consider sport a drug as they can’t really get enough of it. Messi, for example, bring a soccer ball everywhere he goes because he just can’t stop playing his passion, his dream, his drug.
Changing topic now, professional athletes such as previously mentioned, Messi, get paid enormous amounts of money for, as weird as it sounds, playing with balls. In ONE year, Messi makes 42.8 MILLION Dollars, enough to feed around 20 million families in Africa. So now you ask me, is this fair? Well absolutely not. African kids and families work hours and hours every day to get drops of water while soccer players swim in money and have everything they’d want. Of course, there are some good sides to this money. Some of this millionaires donate money for the needing but still, I believe this is not fair and all of this money could be transferred for the health of our planet.
Apart from that, many soccer players often retire and never give the money for charity and just keep it for their own benefits. As unacceptable as it sounds, it’s legal and happens everyday. It’s always good to keep in mind that players like David Beckham have donated large amounts of money. In fact, David has done over 15 charities and opened 24 causes for UNICEF, Malaria No More, Help for Heroes, Unite Against AIDS and many more. He also created his own company for the needy: “Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust”.
In the contemporary United States, “redskin” is often referred to as a racial slang; it’s considered to be extremely offensive: “an r-word for Native Americans equivalent to the n-word for African-Americans” (American Heritage). I believe and am sure that the football team “Redskin” has absolutely no intention to offend anyone and has no stereotypical connection to Native Americans simply because no text or description/discussion about the team points fingers at no one, making the name and logo politically - not socially - acceptable.
The history behind this name goes back...

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