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Do Science And Technology Provide A Solid Base Fo

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To answer this question one must first understand that every politico-economic ideology, like every religious belief, proclaims that it has the one true doctrine and that all others are entirely different or at opposite ends. In most instances individuals join in voluntary association to act upon those opinions, ideas or beliefs which they hold in common. These opinions, ideas or beliefs may or may not be based on facts and hence most end with disastrous results. However once ideas have crystallized into organized action little question is raised to their feasibility or conformance to fact. Conclusively the objective of the group is either initially or ultimately the result of compromise being either very limited or very general in scope. This explains the ineffectiveness of the emotional approach and the political generality does not adequately define the project. The end result is the making of a mountain out of a molehill where the emphasis is on the exaggeration and reiteration of minor differences while ignoring what they have in common. Technocracy partakes one single element in that it is dependent on the voluntary association of individuals acting upon certain ideas upon which they are in agreement. Comparatively it differs from all other social movements since its common ideas are not the result of philosophic agreement. Technocracy does in fact in theory need science and technology to be based upon, but it is this "science and technology" that the populace overlooks and assumes it as engineered technology. Ideas of engineering are in fact in our bones and part of human nature and experience (Petroski preface). This statement by Petroski is the very basis of technocracy. With it one can claim that No, Science and Technology do not provide a base for Technocracy yet to be a technocrat is to be human. If we consider democracy or any other doctrine and compare it with this proclamation then we may argue that one in their everyday life is more apt to be a technocrat then a democrat (Petroski 16). Technology and Technologists, we may assume include each individual and each idea that lends itself to the productive incline in the lifestyle of individuals. Thus encompassing not only scientists and engineers but also teachers and experts in departments that are remotely necessary for the operation of a social norm. One may argue upon the...

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