Do Sequoyah Ramps Follow The Ada Guide Lines?

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The objective of this experiment was to determine whether or not the ramps at the Sequoyah High School met the qualifications of the American Disability Act, which is enacted to ensure the safety and protection of disabled people in the United States by taking extra measures in public places, such as installation of ramps In the experiment, one person put the laser at the top of the ramps, making sure it was level. Another person then took a meter stick, and measured where the laser light hit the meter stick at the bottom of the ramps. This helped them determine the height of the ramps. A person then used measuring tape to measure the length of the ramp, or the distance of its hypotenuse. If the ramp had handrails, they determined the width of them. They also measured the height of the ramp. The people took further efforts by measuring the lengths of the base to make sure that the disabled person in question had room to turn around. The people then had to find the measurement of the ramp’s angle using the knowledge they learned in their Trigonometry class.

In this experiment Sequoyah students measured the ramps that are used around the Sequoyah campus to see if the ramps followed the American Disabilities Act requirements. The students used the skills and knowledge they acquired in their Trigonometry class, taught by Mr. Morris.
The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 to make sure the civilians with disabilities were not dis favored to the people with no disabilities. It assured equal opportunities for the disabled people. Senator Tom Harkin wrote the bill. While Senator Harkin was conveying his speech he signed most of it in sign language. Tom Harkin’s brother was in the crowd. His brother is deaf. This is one reason why Senator Harkin felt so passionately about this bill. He was tired of people thinking that just because his brother was disabled he could not do the same things other people could do. Thanks to Senator Harkin’s hard work congress passed The Americans with Disabilities Act. “The ADA states that a covered entity shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability.” ("Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia")
The ADA Ramp Code says that any accessible route with a slope greater than 1:20 shall be considered a ramp. If you build a ramp they would like the contractor to make the slope as small as possible. The biggest the slope can be is 1:12. The largest rise for the length of the ramp is 30 inches. They require a 36-inch minimum clear width. The contractor must build level landings at the top and bottom of every ramp. If the ramp exceeds a certain length there must be a landing in between the top and bottom of the ramp. The landings must be 60 inches by 60 inches. If the height is greater than 72 inches, then handrails are a must. The handrails must be on both sides of the ramp. The cross slop or slant on the...

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