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Do Single Gender Schools Help Students Learn Better?

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You walk into an average school and you see students learning, listening, and engaging in a lecture. So would it matter if those students were all male or female. Students learn and interact with other students every day. Though, at middle or high school students get distracted and they learn at different paces. They worry about how they are perceived by other students. They don't learn as well. They worry about the opposite gender. These problems can be solved easily. If students were in single gender schools opposed to co-ed schools students would be able to engage in school better.
It has been said that students who are in gender specific schools will develop gender stereotypes. ...view middle of the document...

They also take classes that they feel comfortable in. Girls will not take science classes and boys will not take art classes. This is because these classes are gender dominated. Usually girls will not feel comfortable in a science class, or any class, full of boys. Boys are in fact dominant and would make them feel uncomfortable. Boys wouldn't take art classes since they might get picked on by peers. This problem is solved in gender specific classes. They let students feel comfort with students of the same gender, and allow students to pursue classes they would not otherwise. In a single gender class system students feel comfortable pursuing what they actually want to.
One of the biggest things teens worry about is how other people think of them. In single gender schools this isn't a problem. The main reason that students become distracted is that they are so worried about how they look. They fall behind in their work because they are out buying new clothes or trying to fit in. They don't realize that it doesn't matter. By removing the opposite gender this relieves this issue. Girls aren't as worried about boys liking them and boys aren't as worried about girls liking them. This is one of the main things teenagers become hung up on. By being in a...

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