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The Google company has engaged the controlling location and position in its industry since the launching due to its unique product which is a result of its unparalleled working location. Google has moved out on to achieve the largest share of online searching engine as it affords its users with a product that is difficulty exchanged even though there are a lot of challengers. By analyzing and examining the internal and external environment of the company, it is obvious that Google company is running un efficient machine, giving attention to the most of customers and it ensure that it offers a quick and reliable product to its customers.
Origination structure at Google :
The Google incorporation follow regular origination structure which has many management positions specialized by activity . These positions divided and grouped into regions that lead the company in managing range of its operations . . The Executive Officers on Google they are ,

Larry Page is the CEO and Co-Founder of Google . He is responsible for Google’s day to day by leading product development and technology strategy for Google .

Eric Schmidt he is the Executive Chairman on Google . He has helped grow the company from a Silicon Valley startup to a global leader in technology. Which he responsible for the external matters of Google like building partnerships and broader business .

Sergey Brin Co-Founder he shared responsibility for the company’s day-to-day operations with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt .

Nikesh Arora Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer , he led Google’s global direct sales operations in the European , Middle Eastern and African markets .

David C. Drummond Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer . he leads Google’s global teams for legal, government relations, corporate development (M&A and investment projects) and new business development (strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities) .

Patrick Pichette is Google’s chief financial officer and also hold postion vice president of planning and performance management

As Figure below shows within each top level activity . There are a multi-department structure where small business entities are divided on the basis of geography. This shape of functional and multi-department structure fit the wisdom for Google .it guarantees the centralized planning a large company requests while giving the small business entities for flexibility to innovate like a small start-up company or provide free wireless for third world

Leadership :
According to my view the leadership of Google Company is democratic that meaning the leader ship accepted any new ideas that came from lower structure of the company. Google company leadership received a lot of attention and care and approval which is designed to encourage both loyalty and creativity. The eight-point for leadership:-
The eight-point that the leadership hase it in the Google company ...

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