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The homeless people are a big problem in San Diego. In down town San Diego, the Homeless are everywhere! For a long time San Diego has been like this and nothing has been done .San Diego has the third highest rate of homeless population among the major American cities. One day I was driving down town with my dad to go to the library and noticed all the homeless people who were every where, downtown did not look as attractive as it did 5 years ago. I asked my dad why there were so many homeless and his response shocked me a bit. There are things that need to be done for those people on the street.

The city can look ugly because of tents; carts and sleeping bag all over the place. Homeless are camping with their tents and carts on the sidewalks in front of homes, stores, restaurants and hotels. I was once walking down 14th and Market in Downtown San Diego ,I had a hard time walking on the side walk and had to walk on the street because of the shopping carts of the homeless were in the way .The homeless were smoking, drinking and others were sleeping. Though the carts my be in the way some of the homeless are using them for good purpose instead of using them for useless stuff even though one mans trash is another mans treasure.

I feel better when I see a homeless picking through my garbage looking for bottles then when I see a homeless person sleeping or drinking on the street. The person who is looking through my dumpster is actually working while the others are being lazy. Many homeless use money they get to buy alcohol, and drugs ECT... The homeless scare kids, I used to get scared near homeless people, I still am more careful around them because many homeless are not in their right state of mind. I asked my dad why there were so many homeless and was shocked at what he said; he had said” The biggest reason they are here is because of the government, the government is giving them money to live on the streets, and the other reason is the weather San Diego has good weather all year round so it is the perfect climate for them..

The government gives 15.7 million dollars to California every year because of the homeless population; in turn the homeless get their pay that is un-worked for and live off the government. Instead of the government giving them money why don’t they use it to set the lives of those people up, instead...

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