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Do Spaces Have Sexualities? With Close Reference To One Or Two Actual Social Spaces That You Are Familiar With. Discuss How Sexuality Is Inscribed In Social Space.

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Sexuality is defined in the present day by the The American Heritage Dictionary of English as the condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex. However, the meaning of sexuality changes over time, in relation to the individual and his or her cultural background. Homosexuality, as practiced in Ancient Greece, is quite different from that of the 20th century. In Ancient Greece, the gods' love for men was due in part to their beauty: "Zeus ... the handsome young Trojan Ganymedes, with whom he had fallen in love" (Reinhold, 81). Athenaeus mentioned once: "Boys are beautiful, for as long time as they look like women." From a Western point of view, "sexuality [is thought of] in terms of binary opposites: male and female, heterosexual and homosexual, marital sex and pre- or extramarital sex. And in every case, one of these pairs is privileged, is seen as the normal" (Highwater, 15). Therefore, it can be concluded that sexuality has history. Sexual relationships can be found among the Greek gods in Greek mythologies. The Greek myths are an excellent example of the predominance of sexuality on human creativity. This paper will argue that sexuality does occur to a certain extent in certain defined spaces in the world today. Both sides to the argument will be shown by exploring the spaces of Saint Paul cathedral and Saint Francis church, an Anglican church along Swanston Street and a catholic church along Elizabeth Street respectively.Spaces in this world can generally be classified as public or private. By default, public places are normally deemed as heteronormative spaces. This form of stereotyping spaces is governed by the government to present what is normal in a society. This creates a sense of alienation where homosexuality is concerned. In normal public spaces, one is usually expected to be accountable for his or her actions. If homosexuals display acts of affection in the privacy of their homes, it is viewed by most as acceptable, with respect to the fact that the home is a private space.Churches on the other hand can be seen as both a public and private spaces. When seen as the former, it is viewed as place of worship. It can also be considered to be a private space as well because acts of faith, normally confined within the compound of the church, are regarded as personal. Seen in this light, there is a duality in the perception. For example, the life of the pastor is a rather public one as he is serving God and often has to give advice to the congregation. His actions are also in the public eye as he or she is regarded by the community as a role model. Thus there is no room for subculture in the life of a pastor whereas the congregation can lead different lives outside of church. In this way, sexuality, which has always been treated as a private issue, can potentially be a public one.Churches are seen as a symbol of heterosexuality because the bible preaches explicitly against homosexuality. Homosexuality is seen as going against...

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