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Do Super Fruits Really Have Good Valuable?

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The article is talking about the health benefits of superfruits. These days, fruits seller collected superfruits because they are very healthy and have positive effects. For example, Baobab fruit, which is from Africa is high in vitamin C as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain and eye health. The next, Golden Berry, which is from South America. It offers 2g of protein per serving—way above average for a fruit. The third, Monk Fruit, which is from China. It works as a low calories substitute for sugar. The forth, Lingonberry, which is from Scandinavia. It contains phytochemicals such as arbutin and anthocyanin that help fight urinary-tract infections. The fifth, Gac fruit, which is from Southeast Asia. It has 70 times as much lycopene, an antioxidant great for heart health, than a tomato. So it called the heaven of fruits. And it made by only Vietnam. It has the efficacy of energy metabolism and blood circulation and strengthen the immune system aging enzyme, antibody, and lip. The last, Mangosteen, which is from Indonesia. It is high in vitamins A and C, which help strengthen bones and blood vessels. The final fruit is pitaya. It is same of these things. The below article is talking about pitaya. Let’s see with together.
Eric Helms explain that he hoards pitayas in a warehouse near downtown Philadelphia. He says, it is low in sugar. He explains. He Nicaragua-grown fruit, will be the new superfruit. He has bought exclusive U.S. importing rights to the pitaya, he’s blending it into upwards-of-8 dollors concoctions at his Juice Generation bars in New York City. In a few months, he says, it just might become America’s next great superfruit.
He isn’t alone. After the success Pom Wonderful has had producing high-antioxidant juice pomegranates. These days, a new generation of...

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