Do The Media And Information Industries "Govern" Communities?

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Media are combinations of technologies and content resulting in a wide range of new information products, applications and services. The potential of media is not limited by technology but only by the imagination and skills of those who develop and use them ("Media and messages in the information age," 1987, p.1). The media and information industries remains positive, which is consistent with a year ago, and do not predict change at this time. Therefore, they became a messenger to govern communities together with a powerful effect convince the follower.The media and information industries are unique capacity to convert the world into global communities. The rules and regulation of copyright piracy has become a major issue to control the strategies of entertainment, multimedia, and software companies (Nick Smith, 2000, pg. 24). For example, in 7 June, 2007, Kuching branch of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) successfully raided the premises of a Kuching based business services solutions provider on suspicion of using infringing computer software belonging to members of BSA which is Adobe and Autodesk. It founds more than 83 copies of suspected infringing business software installed in the computers (BSA, 2006). Its not only hurts the economic position of these firms, but also affects the speed of innovations, trade, foreign direct investment, technology diffusion and economic growth.Furthermore, fines and summons is one of the way to destroy the illegal activities with a strong message towards the communities. For example, Royal Malaysian Police raided an unlicensed replicating facility in Klang, Selangor, arresting four men, aged 22 to 36, and seized 4,000 pirated VCDs. The court fine not exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand ringgit or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both (Mike Ellis, 2007). This issue result a strong commitment with fines and summons to fight hard against the pirates who damage the country's economy and reputation of communities can strictly protected.In the media and information industries such as internet tend to curb the criminal activities. For example, The Recording Industry Association of America (RRIA) sent 400 letters to 13 US universities advising of potential copyright infringement lawsuits against students who illegal download songs online ("Recording industry urges students to stop download," 2007, pg. C13). Besides, they offered students a way to settle the disputes out of court with pay a fine and sign a statement promising would no longer download illegally. From this issue it stated media is essential adhere to these rules and take an action to protect the interest of its members rights and related communities. That is why the demarcation, protection and policing of a national-public sphere are also much evidence in the third sphere of media regulation, the economic and technologies (James Donald, 1998, pg. 227).One of the media and information industry...

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