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Do The Olympic Games Bring Benefits To The Host Country?

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As the 800 days counting down till next summer olympics, topics about olympic become popular again. One of the most dubious questions is that whether Olympic brings hosts benefits or, on the contrary, it drags its GDP(Gross Domestic Product) and society downward. To be a host of next Olympic seems a lucky draw for the country. However, there are some negative comments of Olympics, people consider as a burden to host Olympic since it cost a lost of money to build stadiums. In fact, it is just like the slogan of Olympic says: “ faster, higher, stronger.” Those are what an Olympic truly bring to the country and citizens. Olympic Games has positive influence on a country’s economy, society, and ...view middle of the document...

Without Olympics, there is none extra jobs for people to works on; without large amount of workers, the less goods industry provide, the less consumption people have; without consumptions, the country is not going be a great merchantable developed country.
The Olympic has immense positive influence on society of a country. Olympic holds the country as a whole. People in the city join the group of volunteer to help city out. According to the official website of Olympic:“ London 2012 Organising Committee receiving more than 240,000 applications.” This kind of impressive movement happened in every held Olympic Games in the past. When the storm comes, people connect to each other to prevent being blowing up. Olympic is a storm, patriotism is the product of it. Most importantly, the gang control before Olympic make the society safer. For the upcoming Brazil Olympic, policies in Brazil are conquering favelas continuously to make Brazil a safer place(Daily Mail). At this point, Olympic seems playing a role of catalyzer. With the enormous positive impact of Olympic, it catalyzes policies or governors to perform some changes to critical issues of society, which are scarcely to puzzle out.
In addition, Olympic enhances the health problem of a country significantly and permanently, even after the Olympic. For example, during the two weeks of Olympic in Beijing, 2008, air quality has been amplified gigantically comparing to recent decades. To provide better air quality during the 2008 Olympics, Chinese officials imposed stringent limits on motor vehicle use, including banning 50 percent of privately owned vehicles on any single day because of alternate-day driving requirements(David Hosansky). They also imposed limits on industry and temporarily suspended construction activity(David Hosansky). Food quality is on a part of health care of Olympic time period. Food is the most important thing for the athletes, if foods are poisoned, hosting country might be sued by the whole world. Therefore, food security problem for hosting country is on the top solving list. Because the solution has been developed to solve health problem in hosting country, it will benefits country not only during two weeks of Olympics, it benefits the country citizens perpetually.
Some people consider that a mega-event like Olympics contains a extremely high possibility of riot by workers in city who doesn’t satisfied...

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