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Do The Sounds Surrounding Fertilized Eggs Affect Who The Hatchling’s Mama Is?

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The chicken, which was said to have been first found “by the side of a road in Greece in the first decade of the fifth century B.C,” have been sacred animals in many cultures (Alder). Since then, chickens have grown to be known as Gallus Domesticus and have been placed in the Animalia kingdom under the Chordata phylum (“All About Chickens”). Like all birds, chickens are classified as Aves; although, more specifically, they are also known as a Galiform or even Phasianidae (“All About Chickens). Chickens have a “squat stature, rounded bodies, dense feathers,” and pieces of flesh on their face that waddle around (“Domestic Chicken”). Male chickens, known as cocks or roosters, have more flesh on their head that stands up like a Mohawk and have spurs on their feet (“Domestic Chicken”). Chickens hatch from eggs that take up to ten days to form and are laid in groups called clutches (“Reproductive System”). These clutches can contain anywhere from two to one hundred eggs; although, the average size of a clutch is three to eight eggs (“Reproductive System”). While developing, it only takes the embryo 35 hours to develop ears (“Poultry: Reproduction & Incubation”). The diet of a chicken consists of grains, lizards, small mice, and other plants and small animals (“Domestic Chicken”). While legend says chickens came from Greece, these flesh-faced creatures are now domesticated all over the world (“Domestic Chicken”). They can be found on farms, in poultry-production facilities, and even in fields either domesticated or wild (“Domestic Chicken”). Imprinting was first studied and experimented with in the 19th century by a man named Conrad Lorenz (“Animal Learning”). He learned that ducklings and goslings follow the movement and sounds of the main object they see during the first few days after hatching (“Animal Learning”). Due to this discovery, Lorenz learned that he could become the “mother” of these birds and that they were capable of following any species (“Animal Learning”). Using this information and other information, scientists have learned that domestic chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs are independent of their parents, while organisms such as primates, dogs, and rats are dependent and need their mother to take care of them (“Animal Learning”). This form of imprinting, known as “filial imprinting” is what Lorenz used on ducklings and goslings and, today, is commonly used on those classified as dependent orgasms so that they become attacked to their parents and do not wonder off (“Animal Learning”). Joe Hutto, on the other hand, used imprinting as an act of good will (“My Life as a Turkey”). One day Hutto found a basket of eggs on his porch which belonged to an endangered species of turkeys (“My Life as a Turkey”). Hutto kept these eggs, incubating them in hopes of their hatching (“My Life as a Turkey”). While incubating, Joe spoke to the eggs in both “turkey” and English, so that they’d become use to the sound of his voice (“My Life as...

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