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What is the difference between an eighteen year old and seventeen year old? Actually the difference is not much. They are both still young growing people that have a lot to learn. In the American justice system it could be the difference between being treated as an adult or a minor. But can an eighteen year old adult really make better choices than let's say a sixteen year old minor? Many parents would disagree and say no they are still kids and kids act on instinct or without thinking first and their judgment is one has no prior experience. How many times have you as a child growing up been told by your parents "you to think before you act"? I know my parents did numerous times. So how sets the bar for a human being to be considered an adult at the still tender age of eighteen, where he or she has a lot yet to see from life and still experience things that has not yet come their way.The Juvenile Justice System was instituted during the Progressive Era in1974, a period of social reform in America. It was designed to assist delinquent youth that were being dealt with within the adult system. They gave it the name Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. It is indeed an act that if used wisely would prevent youth crime from taking place and at the same time protect our youth from being thrown in adult prison with grown up that are considered the scum of society. But the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act can also help juveniles by prevention and rehabilitation measures that have been proven time and time again to significantly lower the likelihood of a youth offending or reoffending.The system finds itself faces with the discouraging prevalence of crime, a lack of funding for preventative programs, and disagreement over the principles that define its very foundation. And the public are debating some issues and a number of questions about juvenile justice; among them, the following:* At what age is a juvenile to be held accountable for his or her actions?* Is it permissible to try and punish minor offenders as adults?* Are juvenile and adult penitentiaries unsafe places for youth to live?* Is the incarceration of juveniles counterproductive?Was the juvenile justice system intended to operate the way it does now? It is obvious that someone stretched to boundaries on fundamentals of this system. In an articles published in the Los Angeles Times, "Adult Jails Are No Place for Kids" focusing on some bizarre examples of juveniles sentenced as adults and doing major time is penitentiaries and even room mating with killers. How could that be a health for a minor? It is estimated that one out of every eight juveniles in America are locked up in adult prisons. We all heard the political "Getting tough on crime" but it doesn't mean to be taught on kids who till come have some hope to turn their life's around for the better. In some cases the minors were sent to adult courts without having a chance to be rehabilitated or in other words...

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