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Do Ufo's Really Exist??? This Essay Is An Arguement Over Whether Ufo's Exist Or Not. I Sided On The, "Yes, They Do Exist" Side. I Hope This Is Helpful To You!

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Can you imagine yourself on a warm Friday night in mid-summer,sitting on your boyfriend or girlfriends couch innocently watching thenewest Hi-fi release from Blockbuster. As the movie gets going, and thealien form abducts it's victim and takes it off into space, you think toyourself how ridiculous it is for you to be watching this type of movie,because you know that this situation could never occur in real life.However, you keep watching because for some reason or another, theplot fascinates you. You keep watching for about twenty more minutes,but then soon start to loose interest in the movie. But then, all of asudden, you yourself are swept away from the couch which you weresitting on, and taken into the stars by what scientists call an UnidentifiedFlying Object, or UFO. Well, some people have claimed that they havebeen in the situation which I have just stated.The most popular and appealing notion about UFO's is theextraterrestrial hypothesis, that is, the idea that intelligent beings fromother planets are visiting Earth. Allthough some people believe that theideas of aliens and UFO's are completely insane and should bedisreguarded, others believe that the possibility of other forms of life, onother plants, is a definite possibility and should be further explored.Personally, I believe that aliens and UFO's do exist for many reasons.In the universe, there are trillions of stars and galaxies, many likeour own. Several of these plants have been tested and are capable ofhaving life, due to the weather and environmental conditions. The badpart is that we can only view a very small fraction of this huge universe.One Rand Corporation study, for example, produced a figure of 600million planets in the Milky Way galaxy capable of supporting intelligentlife. More conservative analyses have produced a figure of 10 millionhabitable planets and a figure of 4.5 million planets on which sufficienttime has elapsed for life to have evolved to intelligence.There have been several UFO sightings in which could not beexplained by today's scientists. One of the many examples of this isProject Twinkle. Project Twinkle was a highly secret study of objectsthat appeared to be green fireballs that were spotted on numerousoccasions in New Mexico in the late 1940's. One of the first recordedspottings was by a piolate of an airplane. He claimed that he saw a greenglow in the distance, but then it rapidly began to accelerate towards theplane, and move in a way which he had never seen anything such as a jetmove before.As the object moved closer, the piolit saw that it had a shiney, flatsurface. However, before he could get a better view, the UFO suddenlyflew back off into the distance, and could no longer be seen. Severalother eye witnesses also gave their testimonies on their seeings of theUFO's. The Air Force put together a permanent project to study thesespecific UFO's, in hoping that they could discover what they really were.At first, they UFO's were thought to be a trick...

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