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Do Video Games Cause People To Be Violent. Psycology Essay

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Do Video Games Cause People to be Violent?
Kevin Romero
Fayetteville Technical Community College
This world has become a very violent place. Anywhere anyone looks, they can see signs of aggression, anger, hate, and bloodshed. Violence is everywhere; on the internet, TV, video games, and even in everyday life. If violence is everywhere, why do many people choose to blame video games for the way players act after playing them? Some politicians here in America even go so far as to recommend that violent video games be taxed because they believe it is the root of violence. They name games horrid things like: Titanfall, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. These are all games of war where the players have to kill each other to progress through the game. These politicians say that they want to raise the tax on video games to deter the parents from buying them. This idea is flawed and needs to be thought about. Many people understand that these video games are solely for entertainment and that they do not support the violence in these video games. Video games are not the cause of violence in people.
First, video games do not cause violence. People cause violence. It will be a number of effects that have caused these individuals to be violent such as an upbringing being horrendous. This is what greatly influences how people react towards certain situations. Violence could also be a genetic gene passed down by parents that cause these violent state of minds. Maybe the violence people portray may not even be linked to anything and it is just an action and reaction type of thinking. A broader thought would be that maybe people who have these violent tendencies gravitate toward violent video games because it is what they know and it satisfies their need of violence. If there were no way to play a violent video game again wouldn’t people just turn to violent movies to satisfy themselves? Some people crave the violence and one may say there are plenty of ways to have their needs met. These are the people who may be headed down the wrong road to self-destruction. There was a study shown that out of fifty percent of a school, that twelve percent of students who had tendencies to misbehave or act aggressive were interested in violent video games. The other thirty eight percent “showed interest in their own writings, such as poems, essays or journal entries” (Do Violent Games Cause…2017). The idea of blaming different types of entertainment is nothing new. In the 1950’s the blame for violence was on comic books and later on was proven to be incorrect. It is the same story just a different type of entertainment getting blamed.
There was a study done by Ohio State University to try to understand if violent video games make people more aggressive or more violent. There were two groups being tested in this experiment. One group played games that were not violent...

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