Do Video Games Cause Violence? Essay

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To begin with, video games are something kids, teens, and even adults enjoy playing every day. Video games have provided people endless hours of entertainment to people across the globe, yet people seemingly want to get rid of video games altogether. Whenever any sort of crime occurs and a report comes out that the individual plays video games, video games take the blame rather than the person who committed the crime. Video games tend to be a very common scapegoat for causing violence. However, video games may not be the cause of the crime or issue at all.

Video games can indeed cause some form of effect on a person's behavior. It's not really a question of how, but who can be influenced by it. Mostly children and the mentally ill are susceptible to such things. Children are young and may not realize what they are doing which can result in them doing something that can be harmful without realizing the danger in the action. As far as the mentally ill, if the illness causes some serious mental instability and anything could affect the behavior of the person a lot then caution is recommended to be used when around video games. If someone was to be influenced by some form of video games, it may cause a child to try to re-enact a part from the game and as a result, cause some serious harm. This can include many things like: Assault, shootings, cursing, and even death. While such actions are a possibility, they are unlikely considering youth violence is actually declining. (Meeks, Violent Video Games Are Not Linked to Real-World Violence; 3)

Conversely, while video games can cause influence to a certain range of people, it is most likely not the cause of violence in most cases. Most video games that can cause someone to think like that are usually mature rated games. In order to purchase a mature-rated game, the customer has to be of eighteen years of age. So, if the child is getting their hands on such games, it's the parents that are allowing them to play it knowing of the possible risks. When you buy a game you must take the responsibility with it. Video games are made for entertainment and even some educational uses, not to be re-enacted in real-life. So it is best if the child properly understands that the video game is just virtual rather than reality. Some may complain that video games are increasing in violence and that the content isn't suitable for anyone. Actually, video games reflect today's culture and how it works. A section from an article gives a good example: “A small, groundbreaking game known as Missile Command was released on the Atari in the...

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