Do Video Games Promote Social Interactions?

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Social interaction is the very basis of social life and the foundation of society. Further growth and progress in society would not be possible without interactions between individuals. However, the presence of an individual as a function of society does not bind them into a social unit. It is when a group of people cooperate that allows society to develop. Therefore, interaction is the very essence of social process. Furthermore, communication is the medium of interaction. The ability to communicate with other individuals is an important element of human life in terms of interacting and developing our society. Individuals thrive from success through the approval of others. In communication, an individual develops from the views and opinions of another person. It is important to consider that as a result of society's development, our system of communication also changed. While maintaining the traditional way of communicating such as physical interactions, individuals turn to other forms of socializing through the use of video games and the internet.
The traditional way of socializing limits our ability to meet other people around the world. Virtual interactions offers a more possible means to communicate in today's society. Furthermore, the growth of the video game community such as in the genre of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) allows for a high level medium that enable individuals to create small factions and perform social interactions. According to Bishop, "The existence of such communities is often brought about by people who share similar goals, beliefs or values, with such commonality forming the basis of an agreement to form and sustain a virtual existence" (1). Having shared similar goals, these small communities evolve into complex organizations where each member contributes in a variety ways to expand the growth of their community. Members participate by posting records of their development in the virtual world and suggestions to other members on how to improve in the game. These individuals believe that by participating; their actions will have positive outcomes. In addition, the finding suggest that these individuals are not goal driven. In other words, they do not participate for the sole-purpose of having their physiological and security needs being met. It seems that the interactions between the members of this virtual community is similar to real world interactions between individuals. For instance, having a group of people collaborate in order to further develop of society as a whole.
Gamers played an important role in contributing to the growth of the video gaming community. By establishing factions with individuals having similar ideals, it was possible for gamers to create stable organizations within their virtual world and to have friendly competition with other groups. Although, this method requires for gamers to become adapt with the games resources. In comparison with social networking...

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