Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems?

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Some people believe that violent video games cause some behavior problems. It is not true; it is only their opinion. Violent video games cause people to start having behavior problems, what was that cause? It is only people; it has no effect on them, only their own action and their weak health issue. The violent video games for computers and consoles’ sale rate went up but violent crime offense went down. Video games are for players to have fun without cause any harm while they playing.

Why do they believe that behavior problems were caused by violent video games? They have not realized the televisions and movies do have the violent scenes. Violent movies like First Blood, Expendables, Dark Knight, Spiderman, and Superman. The Actions movies have some shooting, explosion, and fighting. Horror have some violent as well, Halloween, Scream, and Saw. Horror show and movie are showing some stabs and serious harm. And ever Television shows, Three Stooges, Cops, wrestling and America Funniest Video! Plus cartoon has violent; Disney animated films, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel, and Watership Down.

Some students have played violent video games to have fun with their friends or siblings while they are online and non-online. Plus they are play to try to release their stress, frustration, and pressure after having a hard time to do their homework or in class. Video game development’s goal is to make fans to be happy when they are playing their games. Video games are meant to have feeling of adventure, enjoy, and excitement. It is helping player to play video game without harm. Video game is also help player to relax after all of their work at school, jobs, or cleaning in and outside of house.

Video games have not caused behavior problems. If it is true, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band would make people become best musicians, plus Dance Central would make people to become best dancers, but none of them are able to become that good after playing those games. Playing sport video games have not cause people to become best players as well. Some people like to play video games that related with...

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