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Do Violent Video Games Lead To Violence?

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With the development of technology, violent video games invaded every house, and now it played by every teenage in every family, whether on mobile phones, computers or gaming devices. Some people do not believe that those violent video games effect on the children, while others believe that the government should prevent the selling of these games. However, violent video games made a negative influence on everyone, on children brain like thinking skills, which made their behavior aggressive, on their physiological energy and feeling leading to segregation and violence between siblings in the same family, also on the parenting role of the parents, who are do not know anymore what they should ...view middle of the document...

“Playing video games involves practice, repetition and being rewarded for numerous acts of violence, which may intensify the learning. This may also result in more realistic experiences which may potentially increase aggressive behaviour.” (Carll, 2011)

Many people think it is possible to dispose properly of the internal energy of children which will increase when they play with violent video games. For example, they can take it out by going to any sportive club where they learn how to take this energy out of them in a right way, like when they want to defend themselves and only when it is necessary, instead of discharged it on their siblings. In other hand, to kids virtual experiences feel very real, not only because the graphics today are so amazing, but because they are taking on a first-person role in the killing process, so the entire experience becomes more meaningful and kid’s internal energy increase, which makes them more violent to their peers. This energy is not something easy to control, The child will feel that he must discharge this energy in any way, the lack of discharge will lead to accumulation inside, which increases the violent and bad ideas in his mind and make him do a violent act at the wrong time without knowing that what he did is wrong. As it well known that many of the problems occur between siblings in the house, so the children who play these games learn that solving the problems comes to violence, and they apply what they do to win the game on their siblings, which may lead to segregation in the same family. According to American psychological association “play violent video games correlates to children being less caring and helpful toward their peers”

There are many different views about the parenting role which should be done by parents for their children when they play violent video games....

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