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Do We Have A Choice? Essay

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At any age people have the opportunity for choice, and the choices you make will sometimes change your life dramatically, while in other situations the choice you choose to make will not affect your life at all. Even though teens may sometimes make choices that will affect them and others around them in a bad way, having a wide opportunity for choice is extremely helpful for today's American teens. This is helpful because teens can find a way to solve problems in a mature manner and will have the opportunity to make choices that help others, not just themselves.
Teens will make bad choices here and there. At times a person might think they are making a good decision, but in reality the choice affects more than one person with unwanted consequences. In the text The Great Fire, it states “Schaffer glanced at the smoke, but dismissed the sighting. It was the smoldering embers from the previous night’s fire, he assured them. Nothing to worry about.” Schaffer’s decision to ignore the first sighting of smoke, based on his thoughts, affected most of Chicago resulting in the deaths of many of the residents. Having a choice does not mean you have total control of your actions. In the same text it states “Schaffer’s young assistant, William J. Brown stubbornly refused to strike Box 319, saying he was afraid it would confuse the situation.” Because William J. Brown did not strike the box, it led to chaos and the fireman could not get to the fire on time to stop it. Having the ability to make a decision does not mean you are in total control of your choices. When you are told to do something you have the responsibility to do it, unless it is something ridiculous that can put your life in danger. Also teens can make the choice to do something and have solutions for blocking everything around them just for a little, because they made the wrong choice. In the story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walter chooses to day dream to make him feel important and makes him feel in control of his own life. He did this because his wife was always telling him what to do. This showed how much his real life annoyed him, because he just tuned her out most of the time. Making decisions is part of life and teens should have the ability to make choices. When a choice turns out to be a bad decision, this can be helpful, because with these mistakes they can learn what not to do in the future.
If someone falls and gets hurt and you are the only person there to help them get up, would you walk away or help them up? Teens on occasion make mistakes, but some have common sense. One thing teenagers can do to make a good choice is help others and their community. In the text Real Superheroes, it talks about regular people who help others in many different ways without animated abilities. For example, in the text it states, “Jones even has a utility belt, and he has armed himself with Taser, nightstick, and other non-lethal gadgets. It is his way of fighting crime in a way that is...

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