Do We Need More Censorship? Essay

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The United States Government has organizations that monitor content across all forms of media outlets. There have been complaints in recent years that the government performs excessive censorship. The most well known censorship organization is The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC for short. The Federal Communications Commission is a Federal Government organization designed to monitor and censor content on several forms of media. They are better known for their work on television with all of the bleeps, blurs, and black bars that you will see. I believe that censoring can be a good and bad thing, when used correctly censoring can be an effective tool. However, there are some irritating factors that come to play in certain forms of media. Is there a line that should be drawn? Should the government play a bigger role in censorship?
The TV show “Family Guy” mentions the FCC, or as they call it “The Freakin’ FCC” in a negative way by singing an entire song about how they censor. The episode centers on television censorship by the FCC. The episode shows censoring by the organization to the extreme by going out and censoring real life. There are multiple scenes of them censoring curse words with air horns, using black bars on Peter Griffin when he steps out of the shower, etc. While this is something that is a bit far fetched, it does beg the question, would it ever come to that? Personally I do not believe that it would because it would be an invasion of privacy and it would violate several constitutional rights that we have. Looking up some information on this episode and how it was produced, it was made in response to the Janet Jackson scandal at the Super Bowl (“PTV” (Family Guy)). If you watch the episode on Netflix, you will notice when Peter talks about original programing that it goes to Lois yelling at Peter about a program called Dogs Humping, where in the original episode I remember watching on the DVD went to a original program called “douchebags”. In it Peter and Cleveland end up pooping on Lois’s car, the end result had a hilarious reaction from Stewie Griffin, who was petrified by what happened. It’s strange that even Netflix has the filtered and censored version.
There are some people who believe that the FCC is slowly but surely monitoring and censoring the Internet. In fact, according this article from Huffington Post, there is substantial evidence that censoring the Internet has increased recently (Isaacson, Betsy). Not long ago there was a government bill going through that was going to let the government go in and censor the Internet for content. I’ll never forget how many of my friends on Facebook changed their profile photos to a restricted content banner with the words “Blocked by Government” on it. My personal belief on the Internet censorship is that it should be the job of the parents if they are worried about their kids finding porn or horrifying images on the Internet, you can block websites from your computer...

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