Do We Really Change? Essay

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Come now one and all, a story that is spreading far and wide. As vast as the deep blue and as wide as the sky, we shall all see the complexity of this tragic tale of ambition, mistrust, and betrayal. Awe, yes Macbeth a story of a man whose courage is tested and betrayed by his own ambition. Whose tale is one for all to hear. He flaunts with witches and tempts the gallows, in search of a throne. He shall not wonder from his Lady a snake to whisper in his ear, or the sounds of the dead. Lady Macbeth and the witches hold a powerful influence over Macbeth which results in his misplaced ambition.
The wife of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, has an overwhelming influence on Macbeth especially with his ambition. Lady Macbeth knowingly tries to build up Macbeth’s confidence to gain the throne of Queen of Thane. While Macbeth may have the title of King of Thane, she will undoubtedly have complete control over him. She even plans out the killing of King Duncan in his own bed room. “When Duncan is asleep / whereto the rather shall day’s hard journey / soundly invite him.” (Mac 1.7. 61-64)She is telling Macbeth to invite the guards in, and use them as bait to get away with the crime of killing King Duncan. Although she does have fears,
“Yet do I fear they nature;
It is too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness
To catch the nearest way.
Thou wouldst be great, art no without ambition.” (Mac 1.5. 14-18)
Showing she believes that if she can get Macbeth’s ambition to unforeseen heights and tragedies, alike. Thus proceeding to Lady’s Macbeth true nature, “So too, with Lady Macbeth, She is not merely a women of strong will… She is a young woman possed of evil passion.” (Knight 8) Lady Macbeth’s influence on Macbeth is shown throughout the play but is still not thrust into the spot like Macbeth argued by one critique, “For although his lady for a time dominates him, and although her tragedy is almost equal to his, he dominates the play.” (Jorgensen 1), to build up his confidence to murder King Duncan is...

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