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Do Wealthy Societies Prefer Intangible Value To Tangible Value?

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Value has always been a central role in how we live and construct our lives. Value to consumers is considered the sum of all intangible and tangible benefits minus the sum of all intangible and tangible costs. Tangible value is defined as value that can be perceived by human senses. Similarly, intangible value is value that cannot be perceived by human senses. It is a fact that wealthy people have more money to spend, but does this automatically imply that they focus more on intangible value? In other words, is value predominantly of an intangible nature in a prosperous society? Information on this topic is greatly appreciated and would be useful to all kind of fields, from consumers to ...view middle of the document...

Their main target markets are North America, Europe and Japan. They specialize in a very rare industry. Changyou sells virtual items to gamers such as virtual gems, virtual swords, virtual armor and virtual clothes. They do this in a wide variety of video games. Prices for these items vary from $0,50 to $200 and are in great demand under gamers. These products are not real; they exist only in the virtual world and thus are completely of intangible nature. Considering Changyou mostly operates in prosperous societies such as Europe, we can conclude that intangible value indeed is predominantly in prosperous societies and hence this is a clearly supporting argument.
Four years ago there was a study in the Indian car market (Subramanian, 2010). Numerous luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche sold surprisingly many cars to the Indians. Up to 13% of these luxury car giants went to the Indian car market and even up to 35% went to the entire less prosperous societies including China and Africa. This completely contradicts Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because these people should be fulfilling more basic needs and not the need of having a luxury car (social status). The reason behind this is that even in poor...

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