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Do You Agree Or Disagree With Rex Murphy's Position On Climate Change? U Of T Assignment

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Xinrui Bao
Tutorial #1:
The public is getting used to think of learning as a supreme tool to solve any problems in real life. But still, current education system contains so many misleading viewpoints and unrealistic statements. David Orr, an environmental educator published his opinion about current education system in the article “What Is Education For”. First and foremost, he points out that education has nothing to do with human nature, either with wisdom, prudence and decency. Education is simply an event created upon living creatures, and it is defined as a process of acquisition of new knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. It is not an excuse for human ignorance. However, current education system seems to put the cart before the horse. Contemporary culture and society had been severely influenced by some preeminent “mad” scientists, thus, we encounter the essence of the modern drive to dominate nature. Author Orr listed six myths and injected six new principles into the current education system. Human has such a huge ambition to manage and control their own planet, so they believe faithfully that with enough knowledge and technology, the planet earth can be estimated under control. The point of view was rebutted by Orr, who claimed that human can only control their own desires, economics, politics and communities. Knowledge is increasing for sure but it never increases human goodness. What is truly meant by increasing knowledge is that...

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