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Do You Agree That Abortion Should Be Legal Under Circumstances Or Mothers Should Have The Right To Abortion As They Wish?

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Do you agree that abortion should be legal under circumstances or mothers should have the right to abortion as they wish?Why should abortion be legalised? A number of Controversial arguments about problems of abortion have been discussed seriously in many countries over hundreds of years. For example, Ireland and Texas have just passed the law and restrictions respectively relating to abortion after lengthy heated discussion. It is a very sensitive issue concerning life, birth, death and human right. It also can be considered in many different respects; for example, in terms of law, philosophy, society and health. There are two main sides of this issue. The first one is people who support free abortion. Another one is anti- abortion group; however, this opinion accepts some certain circumstances as exceptions of not allowing abortion. Despite the claims that the right and autonomy to abortion should be legitimated, it can be seen very clearly that abortion is unethical, undesirable and risky; consequently, it should be legal only under circumstances when it is strongly necessary and reasonable with circumspect and restricted conditions. This essay will clarify three circumstances as exceptions of abortion and refute two main claims of pro-choice group.The main point of pro-choice made to support their side is that women have autonomy and independence to abort their pregnancy because it is completely women's rights to choose and to control their bodies (Petchesky 1986). This point is understandable but is it someone's choice to take another one's life? This leads to another point that when a state of human being begins. The pro-choice claims that fetuses are not persons and it is therefore not morally wrong to destroy them. They say "Physically, the embryo or fetus is no more than a 'clump of cells' and no more a full human being than an acorn is an oak tree"(Hadley 1996, p. 54). One particular thing that is strongly insisted is that no one can deny the fact that everyone is from fetus. How would we feel if someone takes our rights to live? A fetus is innocent and it has done nothing to deserve being killed. It is simply not fair for fetus because no one normally wants to die. There is an interesting explanation about fetus's pain mentioned that "Try sticking an infant with a pin and you know what happens. She opens her mouth to cry and also pulls away. Try sticking an 8-week-old human fetus in the palm of his hand. He opens his mouth and pulls his hand away. A more technical description would add that changes in heart rate and fetal movement also suggest that intrauterine manipulations are painful to the fetus." (Valman 1980) It is hard to say that the right to control body prevails over the right to live. Since the fetus should be protected on an equal basis with born persons (Cave 2004), if abortion needs to be legal, there should be necessary and reasonable reasons which weigh strongly enough against this moral principle.Another issue the...

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