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Do You Feel That 'wuthering Heights' Celebrates The Perfect Love Between Catherine And Heathcliff Or Do You See Their Love As Deeply Flawed?

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‘Wuthering Heights’ was the only novel Emily Brontë had written. It was written in 1846 but published in 1847, under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, because people didn’t acknowledge that a woman could have written a novel like ‘Wuthering Heights’. Lord Byron and Mary Shelley influenced Emily Brontë in writing ‘Wuthering Heights’, as the novel exposes themes from both writers. Both Lord Byron and Mary Shelley used Gothic and Romantic language and themes, which were shown throughout ‘Wuthering Heights’ as well.In this essay I will be exploring the love between Heathcliff and Catherine, and how Heathcliff’s love for Catherine differs from Catherine’s love for Heathcliff. Also, how Brontë uses language and structure to present their relationship and what we learn about the characters.In chapter 6, Brontë presents Heathcliff as caring about Catherine. ’”When would you catch me wishing to have what Catherine wanted?”’ Heathcliff compares his relationship with Catherine to Edgar’s relationship with Isabella. He wants to keep Catherine cheerful and content.Brontë describes Heathcliff in such a way that the reader has both pity and hatred for him. ‘“Miss Earnshaw scouring the country with a gipsy!”’Heathcliff was bullied and degraded as a child because of his appearance and for him being an orphan, which could cause the reader to have sympathy for him.The language which Brontë uses, enables us to learn that Heathcliff has a soft side to him as well as a hard side, which Brontë has presented throughout the first few chapters of ‘Wuthering Heights’. ‘“I got a stone and thrust it between his jaws, and tried with all my might to cram it down his throat.”’ Heathcliff risks his own health to try and save Catherine from the dog and would not leave her side, until Mr Linton forced him away, which shows he cares deeply about her.Brontë depicted Heathcliff, as a child, as a boy who barely spoke and never cried when Hindley harmed him, so we are surprised at the language Heathcliff uses and the depth he goes into about his feelings for Catherine. ‘“She is immeasurably superior to them - to everyone on earth, is she not, Nelly?”’The way Brontë presents their relationship gives the reader the speculation that they have a committed emotional relationship rather than physical. The effect, their relationship so far, creates is that they are genuinely close and the evidence that Brontë has given us suggest this is a ‘perfect love’, as they think so highly of each other. ‘“A dim reflection from her own enchanting face.”’ Heathcliff is captivated by Catherine’s beauty.Within Nelly’s narration, the events that took place at Thrushcross Grange are told from Heathcliff’s point of view. He immediately dislikes the Linton’s and what they...

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Do You Feel That 'wuthering Heights' Celebrates The Perfect Love Between Catherine And Heathcliff Or Do You See Their Love As Deeply Flawed?

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