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Do You Have The Right? Essay

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Americans are a people of tradition. We celebrate holidays throughout the year to honor people, to commemorate certain events, and even to cheer for a team we want to win the Super Bowl. Traditions like these helped to form the very basis of the great United States of America. We hand these traditions down to our children, just as they have been handed to us by those who came before. We learn what it means to be an American. This can range from voting in every election or eating every other meal at McDonalds. This is a legacy that is left to us and that we create. In the government there are policies that help to protect our traditions and reaffirm their meaning and values. In Brown v. the ...view middle of the document...

It was decided to start stockpiling weapons and supplies to fight against the British Empire. One thing led to another and eventually shots were fired and basically the War exploded from there. Brother fought against brother and neighbor against neighbor. It was a war of loyalties and comradery. This war was the American Revolutionary War during which the United States of America was form with the signing of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776. Even today, as a tradition, on July 4th , Americans across the country celebrate and take time to remember what occurred in the birth of our country. It was only through sheer strength of will and the ability to fight with weapons that our forefathers were able to overthrow what they viewed as tyranny. September 17, 1787 led to the establishment of our current federal system of government under the United States Constitution. This was done because the Articles of the Confederation were not adequately preforming their intended purpose. In the Constitution, Article III establishes”Quote from constitution about supreme court” this court was used as a check on both the Legislative and Executive branches. The right that was given unto it was that of Judicial Review; this means that the courts can review laws and actions of the federal government to see if they follow the Constitution. One of the first additions to the Constitution was the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was proposed by James Madison of Virginia and was done to place restrictions upon the government and to help ensure that what had occurred under British rule would not happen again. They were added after the signing because at the time the congressmen did not believe that the government would ever infringe upon people’s rights and become tyrannical. Today we often take these rights for granted and do not exactly realize how much of a role they play in our lives. Look at your city. The people of the city have the ability to gather and protest, this is the freedom of assembly. Adults are given the right to vote and voice their opinions about business and such, this is the freedom of speech. However there is one right is very seldom seen on school property and that is of the 2nd amendment and simply states I NEDD the 2nd amendment This particular amendment is often knows as the right to bear arms. The original intent behind this amendment was so that the people of the U.S would have the ability to defend their property. Property which includes, but is not limited to: one’s family, worldly possessions, life and liberties. Defense in this case can also be is a method of recourse against someone or something who seeks to deprive an individual or society of their property.
Much of the time, a major question emerges, what are the “arms” spoken of in the Constitution and what was the original intent behind it? In the case State v. Buzzard, the Arkansas Supreme Court defined it as such, “Anything that a man wears for his defense, or...

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