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What Are The Effects Of Social Networking On Today’s Society?

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A social networking service is a commonly used device that can connect individuals widely on an internet based medium. In today’s society social media is used daily; with features such as instant messaging and posting pictures or statuses of ideas, thoughts, or stories that one thinks of throughout the day. These sites are used by a vast amount of people; including all different age groups, ethnicities, genders, and social statuses. A few of the main characteristics that they contain is building a list of people who you want to see your posts, these lists can be called, but are not limited to: friends, followers, or your network. The most famous ones around are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. As these websites become more popular, so do the dangers, and increased risk of losing necessary communication skills that you receive when you are talking face to face.
Using the computer and internet to become connected with others didn’t just come out of the blue, this idea had been formulating for months before it ever came out to the masses. A lot of the early communities were focused on letting people get together and talk, especially in chat rooms, and through posting personal information on blogs, or profiles. In the late 1990s, personal profiles became widely popular, the use of this personalized web space allowed users to search for others private pages. Sites began to develop more features for users to find friends, and created away for them to connect through networks, and allowing those “friends” to view whatever they were posting. By 2005, it was reported that “MySpace was getting more page views than Google” (Arrington 2006). When Facebook, launched in 2004, it became “the most popular social networking site in the world in early 2009.” These sites became so widely popular because it was the best new way to share and communicate with people who share a similar lifestyle, and want to compare interests on a political or economic scale.
Facebook and other social networking are rapidly becoming the object of research. Scholars in many different areas are beginning to investigate the effects of these sites, investigating how such sites might have an impact on issues of identity, privacy, and education. These communities allow for the sharing of information and ideas, which is placed in a digital atmosphere.
In the article “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship,” Boyd and Ellison use Sunden's words to describe these personal profiles as pages in which a user can “type oneself into being.” A profile is then formed based on surveys taken by the user. These surveys include questions regarding things like the person’s age, location, interests, etc. Most sites allow users to upload pictures, or modify the profile to one’s own personal taste (2007).
According to Doering, Beach and O’Brien, “a future English curriculum needs to adapt to a major shift in how adolescents are communicating with each other. Curriculum uses of...

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