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What Are The Consequences Of The Breakdown Of The Traditional Family For American Society?

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What are the consequences of the breakdown of thetraditional family for American society?Definition of family: The Western world regards the family as consisting of two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption; also known as a nuclear family. The extended family includes grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.The changing family: At one time families worked together on farms, family trade, etc. They worked as a family to provide for the family. Parents instilled in their children morals, and values, taught them right from wrong and the consequences for their actions. With the industrial age, the man left the home to work in factories while the wife remained home to tend to the running of the household and raising the children. As women increasingly entered the work force, the socialization was shifted from the home to the school and other community organizations. Once a major function of the family, to contribute to the learning and practicing cultural values and beliefs is now left up to day care providers.Race-ethnicity, does this play a role in the breakdown? Race-ethnicity does not show significant information for understanding the family. However, social class and culture holds the key. For example: Americans tend to marry within the same social class and Asian-American families tend to be more permissive with child rearing and more likely to use shame and guilt to control their children's behavior.Children of divorce: The laws make it easy for parents to divorce on grounds of "no fault" or "irreconcilable differences". The United States has the highest rate of divorce in the world. Most parents that are divorcing are so consumed with their own problems that they do not prepare their children for the divorce causing children to become confused and insecure. Parents will "use" the children against the other as means to get what they want or to vent their hurt feeling about the break up. Divorced parents diminish the strength of their families by rejecting each other. This alienation of family members weakens the child's ability to value commitment to the family and themselves. Most children of divorced parents see only one of their parents once a week, however one of the parents usually stops seeing the children altogether. An increasing number of fathers are assuming the role of the single parent in the U.S. today. Children of divorced parents have more anxiety and hostility and are more likely as grown ups to get divorced themselves.Government Programs and their contribution to the breakdown in families: Statistics show the poverty rate among married couples is 5.7%; compare this with single-parent families, whose poverty rate is 33.4%. These lead women to welfare dependency, which over the last 30 years has discouraged the two-parent families among the poor. Government programs and policies have contributed to societies collapse by discouraging work and responsible behavior. These policies have also...

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