What Are The First Few Civilizations? If So, Why Is

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What are the first few civilizations? If so, why is it that they are considered civilizations, and what about them? The first few river-valley civilizations are considered to be civilizations by our scholars, and each of those civilizations' characteristics, advantages by creating societies, and things that we should remember will prove them to be civilizations---as well as explain a little bit about each of those civilizations. Mesopotamia, a river-valley civilization, is considered to be a civilization because of its characteristics. Mesopotamia has villages and cities. From common sense, what's a civilization without advanced and organized settlements like villages and cities? By having such unions, they can protect each other, share tools and help each other at key times in the agricultural cycle. On the contrary, barbarians (in other words, uncivilized people) are not that advanced. What we should remember about Mesopotamia is that they are so united that they can respond to the need to organize labor resources to create and maintain an irrigation network, like in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley, a land of little rain. This proves their civilized-smarts. Enough said, Mesopotamia should indeed be considered to be a civilization because of it's characteristics-and, now, as promised, the next civilization. Another river-valley country, Egypt, is also considered to be a civilization because of its characteristics. Egypt is known as a civilization because it has a settled agriculture. If it doesn't have a settled agriculture then they have no choice but to be barbarians -in other words, uncivilized people- to hunt for food. Anyway, an advantage...

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