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Do You Learn Better By Sight Or By Sound? Contains Information On Ways That Sight And Hearing Work! Tells How Your Brain Reacts To Sight And Sound. Bibliography

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How do you study? Do you use flash cards and read material? Do you just record your material and listen to it over and over again? These two techniques are used by millions of students all over the world, but one question is; which technique teaches people faster? How can you save time, but know the material you have to study?A study at Yale University involving this matter said that seventy- three percent of people learned faster by using flash cards and/or by reading their material over and over again. Basically, they learned faster by sight, but is this scientifically true? Two activities scientists have used to analyze how people learn the fastest, are how light enters the eye and goes to the brain, and how sound enters the ear and goes to the brain.Light enters the eye one way, but it has to be focused a different way, according to how close or far away the image is from the eye itself. In this case, in order to focus the image and light, the type of focus used is known as lens accommodation. In this process the "lens must thicken to increase the refraction of incoming light rays." (p.570Huma) The reason this type of focus is being used is because, the material being studied is less than six meters away. After the thickening of the lens occurs, it is "under the control of parasympathetic nerves to the ciliary muscles of the ciliary body." (p.570Huma) The parasympathetic neurons then stimulate the ciliary muscles to contract. This causes the ciliary body to move forward and inward. "This results in decreasing the tension on the suspensory ligaments attached to the lens." (p.570Hurna) The light rays are increasingly refracted so the image(s) is directed to the retina. When an image is focused to the retina it is upside down. When light from the right side of an object is reflected, it is focused on the left side of the retina. This makes the mirror image of the object. (This will make the image right side up to the person.)Once the image or information, in this case, is focused it leaves the eye. It goes to the cerebrum by passing out of the optic nerve and through the optic chiasma. At this point some "axons cross over to the other side of the optic chiasma. For instance axons from the medial aspect side cross. Axons from the lateral side do not cross." (p.576Huma) After the information leaves the optic chiasma it enters into the optic tracts. Here, the information ends on the lateral geniculate nuclei. The work here is the synapsing of neuron axons with the alamic neurons whose axons pass to the visual areas of the occipital lobes of the cerebrum. "The visual areas of the right lobe interpretinformation for the left half of an object and vice versa with the right half" (p.576Huma)This is how light enters the eye, turns into an image, which is the information, and how it reaches the cerebrum. It goes to the left side of the cerebrum, which is responsible for memorization and thinking. Light travels faster than sound, but sound travels fast as...

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