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Do You Like Me The Way I Am?

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The five poems created and upheld by William Yeats are symbolic to the views of progression and regression or destitute in change. “Sailing to Byzantium is a discussion and explanation of an old man not belonging because it is a city of youth and prosperity. There is a dramatic shift from the life of and old man and a man in his prime. However, “The Second Coming” can be interpreted differently. It is difficult to comprehend the views in which they are symbolized. The third poem discussed is blatantly coordinated to change. As are the rest of the poems; although, these poems can be viewed and categorized in relationship to an unchangeable world; it is obvious William Yeats was in full belief ...view middle of the document...

There will be no change for this.
Third, the uncontrollable and pure wilderness in a glorious swan is a paradox to the meaning of the poem “The Wild Swans at Coole” and the representation of an ever changing world. “I have looked upon those brilliant creatures…all’s changed” (lines 13, 15 Swans). Just as before, in the poem of Byzantium, age is a main factor and feature. A young man is sorrowful because his world has changed. However, the glamorous swans with their clamorous wings remain wild and beautiful. This he is vastly grateful for, one thing he can rely upon to never change.
Fourth, the conviction in an unchanging world is prodded with reality, as explained in “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.” Hope and dreams is a main factor for the oppositional view of a changing world, in this particular poem. “I shall have some peace…” (line 5 Innisfree). However, reality is unbecoming when one is a faithful dreamer. A stagnant world is depressing and appears to be unchangeable. Although, when a person has hope invested in their life, it...

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