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Do You Love Me? Essay

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I stood there, cold as ice, freezing. I could not believe what had just happened. I was alone; completely and utterly alone. As the black of night slowly enveloped me, I began to cry. Tears flowed down my face like a hurricane. Uncontrollable rage took a stranglehold of my emotions, and I started shaking. Unintelligible mumbling was all that came out when I tried to talk. I looked for anyone or anything to help me, but no one was there. Just yesterday I had felt so loved and warm, but now, all I felt were the frozen tears dripping down my face. She had broken my heart.
All that had been was gone. All my hopes and dreams had been shattered; I was left with a feeling of emptiness and disillusionment. I was disillusioned with humanity, distrustful because it lies and cheats to get what it wants. The feeling of depression soon returned. That feeling had come back from a week-long vacation and was prepared to drag me down again. I had almost changed everything for her. I told her that I would conform and be just like everyone else. I would even change my faith. I would do that all that for her, and all that I had done was wasted. For what seemed like forever, I had been fading out of life: constantly searching for an answer to my prayers. Years had passed since any emotion other than a blank expression had crossed my face.
She had made me feel complete, optimistic, and almost… happy. With just four words, she ended my happiness. Never before in my life had one person broken me apart. Sadly, there was more to my punishment. She was in one of my classes, and because of this, I would be reminded every day of how deceiving looks really are. She was an angel with a devil’s heart. She was a cupid with poison arrows. Every day, I was forced to be in the same room with her for an hour. I burned every time I heard her voice. I wanted to destroy it with every ounce of strength I had left. I had lost my will to keep on going.
For almost a year, I was forced to see that monstrosity of human destruction, that is, until one of the best days of my life: The last day of school. The moment that bell rang for the last time, I ran out, as quickly as I could. Never again would I let my heart be taken by anyone. That was my only thought as I exited that school for the last time. Little did I know that, within a few weeks, I would be eating my own words. Who could have guessed summer school P.E. would have been the place of my rebirth? I definitely did not think so.
I had sworn that she would be the last. I didn’t want to go through the same business repeatedly. I didn’t have enough strength left. The start of summer school was just as I expected, but then, something very unexpected happened. There was a girl who sat next to me in class. She was tall, skinny, and had long blonde hair. She looked like an angel to me, but I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice, so I took...

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