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Do You Love Me Mary Jane?

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In 2012, “Dinesh Romde from the Associated Press,” interviewed a U.S Congressional candidate, by the name of Amar Kaleka, whose father had been gunned down by a white supremacist. After the incident, Kaleka started to suffer panic attacks, lost his appetite, couldn't sleep, and started to have suicidal thoughts. After going to the doctors, Kaleka was prescribed medicinal marijuana. When Kaleka was interviewed he stated that the medicinal marijuana works. She feels that it is disappointing that people do not see marijuana as a good option to cure people. In the interview Kaleka said “Personally I know that medicinal marijuana works. I think it's disappointing that people who might really need ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the years, “hemp” was also used for things such as: food, incense, cloth, rope, etc. It was also illegal because many Mexicans smoked marijuana and some of them brought marijuana with them to the United States Because of this, the state of California passed the first marijuana law. This law consisted of banning the preparation of hemp.
The Mormons had also been influenced by using the law. In the year 1910, many Mormons would travel to Mexico. The Mormons decided to go to Mexico because they wanted to make Mexicans believers of Christ. They wanted to make set up Mormon communities so that there wouldn’t be a lot of skeptics or atheist in Mexico. However, during their time in Mexico, the Mormons said that they really did not enjoy being there. Most of the Mormons did not want to be there because they felt very uncomfortable and they also wanted to go back to Utah. The religion which they were trying to set up wasn’t going so well. The Mormons went back to Utah in the year 1914.
Before the Mormons would come to Utah, the Mexicans would give them marijuana for them to bring to the United States. Giving the Mormons marijuana was a very smart thing to do because since the Mormons highly opposed any euphoriant drug. It was a great strategy because people would probably least expect that the Mormons, the people who opposed any euphoriant drug, would bring marijuana to the United States. The Mormons eventually kept on bringing more marijuana that year to the United States. One day, somebody saw that the Mormons were bringing marijuana to the United States. After that every Mormon Church gathered up for a meeting, hoping that marijuana would be illegal, however, the state of Utah still kept Marijuana legal till 1937. Even though marijuana was illegal because they abused it, it is still good to treat illnesses and diseases.
Marijuana is a good treatment for many symptoms. There has been evidence indicating that patients who have tried marijuana have shown huge improvements in symptoms such as arthritis, HIV, cancer, stress, and seizures. Seizures are one of the most common symptoms that people have around the world. There a few treatments for it. In 2013, a girl named Charlie Figi had her first seizure when she was barely three months old. Over the months, she started having even more seizures. Her seizures weren’t normal. There are seizures that last from ten seconds to twenty minutes. However, in Charlotte’s case, her seizures would last up to two to four hours. Charlotte would always be at the hospital repeatedly. As she was growing up she still was having seizures. The doctors could not find a way to help treat or help prevent her from having them. When Charlotte was three years old she began to have up to three hundred grand mal seizures per week. After having many seizures, Charlotte lost the ability to walk, talk, and eat. Her parents were very worried and they felt that their daughter was going to get worse. Her seizures were so...

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