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Do You Need A Soul? Essay

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Religion has been the most consistent, powerful, driving force in the history of human interaction. Religion dictates what people do, when they do it, where they’re going and how they get there with such a potent strength that millions upon millions of individuals have died and killed for what they believe in. Why would someone, anyone sacrifice their life or someone else’s for a faith that is by no means guaranteed? The answer, in simple terms, is that most and one could say nearly all people of the world believe that they have a soul. That is to say that there is an internal spirit that is divinely present that will last eternally once the body/brain is dead.The soul has been believed to be what make an individual, an individual. The soul separates us, the humans, from the rest of the world’s creatures. There are even some religions that believe that all living things have souls. The soul is true nature of a person; the essence of self each individual has; the consciousness that one feels. Without a soul a human is no more then a robot or computer responding to data that is fed into it by sense receptors. The soul is what carries over to the next world when one’s life on Earth has pasted and what one does in this life will forever be recognized by their god. Living a “good” or “proper” or “faithful” life will reward the soul with an eternity of wonder, while living a “bad” or “sinful” life will result in eternal damnation for the soul (with variations depending on what religion one follows). Having a soul makes life meaningful beyond the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. The soul solves the problem of nonexistence. The problem of nonexistence is the difficulty people have when they imagine what it would be like to be dead. Not dead with a soul, but complete eradication of self. That is, a world in which what ever I am does not exist.Even for those individuals who don’t have the strong religious beliefs that others may have, the soul is commonly characterized as the feeling of self. The emotions, beliefs, fears and memories one has are believed to be in or held by the soul. For individuals fitting this description the words soul and mind may as well be interchangeable. The mind, the thinking entity that tells us we should eat or that we are tired is truly all that the soul is.The argument against the existence of souls can come from a number of angles. First, (assuming that there are souls) one may ask the question of whether the soul is eternal. That is, can the soul be destroyed, even by god? If one believes that god is the creator of all things and that god is omnipotent, which is the common belief of most gods, then it would be congruent to believe that god could destroy the souls which he created. However, it would seem that this would lead to the problem that drives many people to believe in a religion in the first place. That problem being, the problem...

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