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Do You Really Need A Gun

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Over “100,000” people are shot every year in the United Stated of America (US News). Every day eight children die from a gun accident, which means nearly three thousands children will die from a gun, weather it could be a murder, a suicide or an accidental death, it was still caused by a gun (It’s Time for Gun Sense). I believe that there should be more gun control in the United States, because the fact that it is so simple to obtain a fire arm makes it far too easy for it to fall in the hands of someone that will use it the wrong way. I also believe there should be more gun control in the United States because it has got to a point where for about every “100 residents”, there are “88 guns” ...view middle of the document...

I believe that the laws should be much stricter when it comes to a situation where any random person can walk in and buy a firearm. Of the “62 mass shootings” that occurred in America since 1982, the murderers got there weapons legally in “49” cases. Of the “142“weapons in the killers’ possession, “68” were semi-automatic weapons, and “35” were assault weapons. (It’s Time for Gun Sense). In the sandy hook shooting, the gun that was used was obtained legally and was used to kill” 20” children, and “6” adult staff members at the Sandy Hook elementary school (The Progressive Cynic). Having more gun control would make it far more difficult for someone to obtain the gun.
Some may argue that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and they are right, guns don’t kill people, but all a gun really does is fire a deadly projectile at a high velocity and if you happen to be in its path, you will die (The Progressive Cynic). People may be right when they say that guns don’t kill people, but if properly done, you can kill someone with a set of car keys. Guns give people a quick, easy, cheap way of killing someone, even a large number of people. (The Progressive Cynic). Some may also argue that criminals will always find a way to get a gun, weather there is more gun control, or less so what’s the point (The American Prospect)? Well to answer that question society needs to understand that there is no way to just make all the guns vanish in to thin air, but what gun control laws can do is make it more difficult for the criminal to obtain the firearm. The objective is to...

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