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Do You Really Want To Wait Until You Are 18 To Get Your Driver´S License?

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Do you really want to wait until your 18 to get your driver’s license? There are some people that think you should wait until your 18 to drive, while on the other hand there are people who think the opposite of that. If the driving age was increased teenagers would not have transportation to their jobs. Parents would have to take their children to their jobs, when it should be the teenager’s responsibility to drive themselves to their jobs. Having the driving age increased would mean less responsibility put onto the shoulders of teens. They would have to grow up slower, and learn to become mature at a older age. By learning to drive at 16, it teaches you the responsibility of being a good driver. Even if the driving age was increased teenagers are going to be rebellious. Either teenagers drive at age 16 or they will rebel and drive at 16 anyways. Driving at age 16 gives teens more experience before adulthood. Teenagers need more time to ...view middle of the document...

By not increasing the driving age we will have fewer teenagers trying to be rebellious, and fewer teens begging their parents every day to take them to their jobs, and to sporting events.
Do you think your parents like driving you everywhere you need to be? They don’t want to have to drive you to every sports practice, or every time you have to work. Parents have things to do besides always drive you around. Most parents can’t wait for their child to turn sixteen and for them to get their license. If teenagers are going to take the responsibility of getting a job, and they want to work then they are going to have to take the responsibility of also getting themselves there. So for the fact they need their license, and a car that they can drive. If the state you live in allows teens to drive at sixteen why not let them have that responsibility. Having the driving age stay the same means that teens would have to mature faster. They would have to grow up and learn to be in control of what they are doing while driving. Teenagers would have to grow up faster and learn to be a good driver. Knowing that anything can happen at any time and that they have to be aware of everything around them at all times.
Not increasing the driving age would also mean that teenagers would get more experience before hitting adulthood. They would have the chance of learning to drive two extra years before becoming a legal adult. Not having that two extra years could affect the way our roads would be in the future. There could be more accidents if they did raise the driving age for the fact that when you become an adult you most likely move away, and won’t have your parents there to teach you how to drive. When your eighteen you not only will move away and not have your parents as close to you as they were before. Either you have to go back to learn to drive from your parents or you learn on your own. Whichever way you choose will be more difficult than just getting your license at the age of sixteen.
Teenagers are rebellious and don’t always listen to their parents or adults. Not only will they still want to drive, they are going to drive anyways. There won’t be a way to stop the teens form wanting to drive.

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