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Do You Still Trust Genetically Modified Food After Reading My Essay?

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Yik Li Ms Bonsall English 3B 15 March 2014

Food is the daily basic nutritional supplement for your body. It maintain the human body or organs to function in healthy condition, repair skin cells, grow muscles.But did you know that a lot of the food you are eating is genetically modified? There is no doubt that nowadays not many people actually know the meaning of genetically modified food. Basically, the plant’s DNA is changed by another strand of DNA that comes from irrelevant organisms to increase the production of crops. Not only increase the production of crops, but also ...view middle of the document...

(Gertsberg, Deniza)It is extremely dangerous for losing biodiversity,it will dramatically affect fitness of other species,ecological balance, species populations, and ecological roles.(Gertsberg,Deniza) GM food intefere with natural selection. Natural selection means that individual have certain traits that tend to produce more offspring than other do. The inherited traits make the offspring more fit to the environment. Organisms that are most fit for their environment will survive,reproduce and pass the gene on to their offspring. The traits for individuals that are most fit right now may not be the traits that are most fit in the future,because ecosystems are changing constantly.But here is the problem, monocultural GM foods don’t have very little variation within a species.The GM crops are designed only to resist a specific type of bacteria. If the new bacteria infects the GM crops, it will have high potential to become extinct. The rising of new bacteria is considered to be the change of ecosystem .Although they seems to be normal as you think, they will be easy to extinct as soon as possible if the change of ecosystem occur. Ecosystem change include disaster, volcano eruption, the rise of super bacteria. Whenever you are having a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, have you ever thought that the people in developing countries are still hungry? As you know that GM foods have high potential to become extinct,they inefficiently increase productivity to end the world hunger.Soybeans which are herbicide tolerant dominate 90 percent of the majority of US soybean field. GM corn occupy 63 percent of output of national corn.(Union of Concerned
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Scientists)That is risky to let GM food dominate almost the whole agricultural harvest. GM foods are very hard to survive in the nature if we compare them with traditional breeding’s crops .If the large proportion of GM crops get destroyed by super bacteria, the world will probably enter the generation of starvation. The latest data has shown that GM crops don’t contribute much on the increasing of crop’s yield during twentieth century. In contrast, the customary breeding is the leading factor of the increasing of crop’s yield.(Union of Concerned Scientists)Based on the fact that we can see that GM crops don’t really help much to end the world hunger. GM food will lead to food shortage.Supporter of GM food claimed that reducing the use of pesticide is the result of introducing pesticide resistant crops which are GM foods. (Messer,A'ndrea Elyse) Yes, that’s true, but it fail to consider the GM food ‘s inefficient productivity.United States Department of Agriculture have publicize the report about the country wide output of corn from 2004 to 2008. the statistic point out that the country wide output of corn was 28 percentage higher than output of corn during the lately 19th century. The Union of Concerned Scientists think that GM corn just contribute 3 to 4 percent of the enhancement from 2004 to 2008. In...

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