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Do You Think It Is Necessary For People To Wear Religious Symbols In Daily Life?

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Last year, the French government passed a law prohibiting wearing religious symbols to schools, which met severe worldwide objection. That was not a wise act for religious symbols mean more than clothing or jewelry. In my opinion, they are also symbols of cultures and can spiritually support people and people can wear them as their wish.Firstly, religious symbols can help identify somebody's origin and culture effectively, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, religions can be the most distinct features between many different cultures.Secondly, religious symbols can also play their role as symbols of faith. Most people practice their religion because they are brought up by devout families in deeply religious communities. This makes them believe strongly in their Gods and they, therefore, gain considerable strength and confidence from these so-called Gods in one way or another. And if the feeling of being taken care of by Gods can help make them feel good and do their jobs more efficiently, there is no point in forbidding people to do so.Last but not least, as people often say, this is a free world and nobody should be deprived of his/her very own right to practice his/her religion - a basic human right stated in many legal documents and recognized all over the world. That free world means no religious obligation or that everyone is equal. If a Christian can wear a cross to show his faith in Jesus then there is no reason why a Moslem cannot wear a burka to show her respect to Allah.To sum up, it is inappropriate to stop people from wearing religious symbols.

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