Do You Think The Philippines Is Becoming An Oligarchic Nation?

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Philippines is a democratic country and that each Filipino has equal rights to participate and elect leaders that we think will drastically bring positive changes in our nation. It has gradually come to my attention that the practice of democracy in our country has brought not just a few but a lot of prevalent national issues particularly on how our government should work and the people whom we place in the position are by some means becoming ambivalent. But there is one question that bothers me more than just answering if our country is really becoming an oligarchy, and that is, “If the Philippines will ever become an oligarchic nation, will it bring a positive change or will it just ...view middle of the document...

As a matter of fact, 75% of lawmakers in the congress belong to political dynasties.
“Why do you think our country is still poor?” This question is already a cliché to us, Filipinos, but do we really know the reasons behind? We normally tend to blame it to the unemployed, to the poorly educated and to the corrupt government. However, we do not notice the rampant capitalists in our country. To tell the truth, these “influential families” who are running the government are also the ones monopolizing the big businesses in the country such as the electric and water companies, broadcasting stations, telecommunications services and even the banks.
We can also gauge the impact of the politicians to the people during elections. Since our elections are normally sustained, politicians have the time to make themselves more appealing to the eyes of the voters. It is where media plays a vital role in order for the politicians to announce their “too good to be true” platforms nationwide. Also, citizens are already used to voting those that have already been in the position and those that carry familiar names and parties. Other qualified candidates aren’t even given the chance to be heard. In addition to this, vote buying by affluent politicians is still unbridled.
Our country is not becoming an oligarchy. It has already become an oligarchy. As I see it, there is no freedom, and...

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