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Do You Think There Will Be A World Without Food Shortage? Why Or Why Not?

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As we all know, we are now living in an evolving world, our Mother Earth is changing, thanks to the development in the past centuries, our lives have greatly improved; meanwhile, the human population has grown rapidly, causing different kinds of pollution to the environment year by year. Therefore, it is impossible for a world without food shortage.

First of all, the global population is kept increasing, the demand for food is also increasing, such derived demand put much pressure on food supply, though there are advanced technologies, like biotechnologies and the use of chemicals to help us raise food production efficiently. Yet this method also brought about much pollution to the environment, which made it unsustainable. Since in the modern agriculture system, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is common, but the farmers are somehow overused it, affecting the qualities of crops yield. Also, land quality is lowered due to eutrophication, also ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, land available is becoming less not solely because of pollution, but also because of the growth in population, just as what mentioned above, more land is needed for accommodating the population, so there are less land can be used for agriculture, then less food is produced; on the same hand, increase in global population may create more pollutions to the environment, which may accelerates the speed of global warming, causing more extreme weather, hence destroying land and affect the physical environment for farming, which would slowly decrease the rate of food production, hence food shortage occurs.

Apart from the above reasons, uneven food distribution intensify the problem of food shortage too, the amount of macronutrients consumed in the United States is 3770 kilocalories per person per day; on the other hand, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the biggest country in Africa, is only 1590 kilocalories per person per day, less than half of the energy consumed by the Americans, also much lower than the world intake average of 2780 kilocalories per person per day, these data shows how uneven food distribution is. Besides, large amount of food are wasted everyday in developed countries like the United States, while food are deficit in the developing countries like Africa, showing another cause of food shortage.

To conclude, it is almost impossible for the world without food shortage. As long as the environment is becoming vulnerable due to the modern agricultural practice, in long run, it would be unsustainable if we keep this farming habit, food production will then decrease after it meets the optimized level, resulting in food shortage. In my opinion, I think the problem of uneven food distribution gave us much food for thought, as we now fear of having global food shortage in the near future, what we can do now is to self-criticize our daily eating habit, because there are lots of people on the other side of the globe are desperate for food while we are wasting them. Therefore, we should not just focus on how to raise food production level in order to overcome the excess demand in the future, but also deal with the trouble that is placed right in front of us.

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