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Do You Know What's In Your Landfill?

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General consensus is that landfills and garbage dumps are horrible ways to dispose of garbage and no one should throw away anything that can be recycled and thus keep the earth clean and keep the garbage dumps smaller, therefor the world would be a better place by doing so. But are landfills really that horrible? Contrary to popular belief, landfills are amazing in many different ways. Witch the general population is unaware of. Landfills produce a resourceful gas that can be converted into electricity. These so called environment destroyers actually create new and better soil for plants to grow on and creates a new terrain to the landscape. A model landfill in japan is built in the ocean where some day it will be transformed into a new island for people and animals to live. Before tossing something into the recycling bin question, is recycling really better for our earth compared to a garbage dump?
“Each year it is estimated that 243 million tons of waste goes into the garbage dumps.” – earth911. That amount of trash is high but recycling proposes more serious problems then it fixes. Perhaps one of the biggest problems without a solution is contamination. For Example a lead paint can was recycled and was unfortunately turned into a soda
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can witch now is contaminated by the led. And generally no one knows it is contaminated until it is to late. For example “We’re just realizing that hundreds of buildings in Taiwan made from recycled steel have been giving people gamma radiation poisoning for the past twelve years” reports 10 ways recycling hurts the environment.

Another terrible and astonishing example of how recycling hurts the planet is by recycling paper. About half the population of the United States of America get news papers delivered to their house or pick one up every day which amounts to approximately 15,000,000 newspapers daily, for which only a quarter of those newspapers become recycled or three million, seven hundred and fifty thousands newspapers. One might surmise what is wrong with that much paper being recycled? Well it is not the quantity that is the problem the paper recycling process; it has to be bleached and all the color removed from the paper. Afterward let the clean whitish paper dries. However the remaining pool of color is now a bath of deadly chemicals and where does those chemicals go? The chemicals continue into our precious soil. Measures have been made by lawmakers to help prevent tons of toxic waste to be dumped into a
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Garbage dump. However, a loophole allowes the toxic chemicals to be mixed with sand before being put into the landfill. So it is illegal to dump hundreds of tons of toxic luquid into the soil but legal to dump tons of toxic glop into our landfills thus poisoning out earth. Toxic liquids or toxic glop, it is still toxic for the environment.

Surprisingly millions of people do not realize that their local landfills produce some of the electricity...

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