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Do You Want To Be A Physician?

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What would the United States be like if there was no one to cure diseases or prescribe medicine? New diseases and cures are being found everyday. If there were no physicians there would be an increase in deaths. In order for everyone to be healthy, the U.S needs well-educated physicians. After looking at the aspects of being a physician I found that the career is appealing to me. There are many careers to choose from but I thought a physician was the right choice for me. To prepare for a career as a physician, it is important to look into these aspects of the career: the education, the work performed, the rewards and benefits and the job demand.Firstly, education for students who want to be physicians requires a lot of effort, time and money. According to Niriksha Malladi in her book "So You Want To Be A Doctor", MD and PhD programs are usually seven to eight years in length (89). Those years are the hardest years of ones career. Physicians must complete four years of undergraduate school; four years of medical school and a minimum of three years of internship but a few schools offer a program that lasts six years instead of seven to eight years (Family 2). Students have to take courses like anatomy, chemistry, behavioral science, pharmalogy, physiology, microbiology, medical ethics, pathology and laws governmenting medicine ( Family 2). Students have to rotate through different hospitals during the clinical years (Malladi 40). The students have to learn how to treat patients and how to behave in a hospital. Secondly, the educational debt for the average medical student is even more than $100,000 (41). The costs are rising every year. No matter how, a medical student needs good education to become a successful physician.Secondly, a physician has a lot of responsibilities and one has to handle a lot of hardship initially. A physicians primary job responsibilities are to perform medical examinations, find out what is wrong with the patient, prescribe medicine or treatment and teach patients how to stay healthy and fit. They may also...

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