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Doc Holiday Essay

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Doc Holiday

     Doc Holiday could be known as the most skillful gambler, the nerviest, fastest, and deadliest man with a six-shooter. John Henry Holiday was born on August 14, 1851 in Griffin, Georgia. His father was Henry Broughs, and mother Alice Jane Holiday. Their first child Martha Elenore, had died at six months of age on January 8, 1889. Holidays father was a druggist by trade and later became a wealthy planter, lawyer, and during the civil was he was a confederate Major.
Holiday suffered a terrible loss when his mother Alice Jane died on September 16, 1886. This was a tragedy for Doc, due to being so close to his mother. Holidays father remarried Three months later to Rachel Martin on December 18, 1886. Then the family moved to Valdosta, Georgia. Due to his father’s high status, Holiday chose the profession of dentistry. In 1872 Holiday enrolled in Pennsylvania College of Dental and Surgery on March 1. He graduated with a class of twenty-six other men, and then soon opened an office with Dr. Arthur C. Ford in Atlanta.
     After Holidays practice he soon found out the he had contracted tuberculosis. Doctors of whom he consulted with said he only had months to live, and suggested moving to a dryer climate. Doc packed up and headed west to Dallas, Texas. Holiday found a position with a Dr. John A. Segar, and prepared for business. Soon his illness over came him, and as a result his dental business gradually declined. This meant that Holiday has to find a other way of earning a livelihood.
For Holiday gambling became a natural ability, and quickly was an easy way of support. Doc knew he had to have a way of protecting himself, and faithfully practiced with a six-shooter and a wicked knife. Doc was involved with three gunfights in a very short time, and had to leave Dallas. In Jackson, Holiday became a participant in a gunfight, and was careless enough to kill a solider from Fort Richardson. This soon brought the United States government into the investigation. Holiday was on the run again with the Army, U. S. Marshals, Texas Rangers, and local lawmen that were ready to collect the reward offered for him. Holiday knowing this he headed eight hundred miles to Colorado. On the way, three more men went down before the guns of Doc before he reached Denver. There, Doc went by the name Tom Mackey. In a scuffle with Bud Ryan, Doc almost cut his head clear off with his knife. Although he did not die, it forced Holiday to flee to Wyoming, then New Mexico, and finally to Fort Griffin, Texas.
It was in Texas where Doc meets the only women to come into his life. She went by the name of “Big Nose’ Kate. Kate had a prominent nose and other features were generous, and all in the right places. Being...

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