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1. Are you physically happy with the way you look? Eating and drinking healthy will keep your body in a wellness state of mind. Health and Wellness are part of the 12 Domains of Culture and a significant part of American culture specifically. Health can be defined as, ‘a state of being free from illness or injury.’ Wellness can be defined as, ‘the state or condition of being in good physical or mental health.’ Today organic foods are what most American’s are trying to purchase due to the way it was raised or grown. Drinks such as Gatorade, beer or water can either help or hurt your body in different ways. These two aspects of our culture come together in Health and Wellness for Food and Drink. First let’s take a closer look at the health and wellness for food.
2. Food is the fuel that keeps our bodies sustained but eating healthy food is the key to having wellness within the body. American’s love the idea of fast and cheap food, but most of this food is unhealthy. There are “160,000 fast food restaurants across the United States, in which serves 50 million American’s daily.” 1 Some of the healthiest foods today are organic food such as chicken, eggs, vegetables and more. People are wanting to purchase organic food due to the way it was raised on the farm or how it was grown and harvested. The reason food is so important to our health and wellness, is if we choose not to eat, our bodies will shut down within three weeks. Now that I have discussed the importance of the proper food to eat, let’s talk about the most important thing needed, which is drinks.

3. Drinks in the United States of America are a huge part of our daily culture. A human can only survive without water from three to five days depending on the situation. Physical wellness is key into maintaining a healthy body....

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