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Doctor Assisted Suicide Essay

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ABSTRACTIs doctor- assisted lethal injection expectable for terminally ill people?Many find it to be suicide, while others find it a great comfort. Religiousbeliefs, morals, self-value, and laws have divided in our society by thisdecision. Is the process better for the patient? Should it be against the law?There are many questions about doctor-assisted lethal injections now wetake a closer look to the affects and you can decided.INTRODUCTIONWhen we speak of assisted suicide, there are several definitions todescribe it. This means that a qualified medical practitioner in fulfilling thewishes of a, competent terminally ill patient, to end his/her own life usuallyby means of lethal injections. Euthanasia is the act of mercifully ending thelife of a hopelessly suffering patient. The difference between the two: duringeuthanasia, when death itself occurs, it's carried out by the doctor; in doctorassisted suicides, the patient fulfills the final step of terminating his/her ownlife.Medical actions intended to relieve suffering are ethical and lawful, asare the withdrawal of treatments, which only prolonging death. Is there adifference? Current law recognizes the right of every mentally competentperson to refuse unwanted medical treatment, but not the right to take one'sown life. When the person has expressed a preference to die it is a difficultconcept for some, and can give rise to confusion. When life-sustainingtreatment is withdrawn by patients consent, where the intention is to relievesuffering, from the natural course of the underlying illness, is this suicide? Ifthe diagnosis is correct, death will then result from this illness which isgoing to be the eventual unavoidable cause. Until death occurs, every meansof providing comfort must be maintained by law, unless a patient refusestreatment. Should euthanasia be considered a comfort?Euthanasia is different in its nature and its intention. Death is now thesole intended and the sole possible outcome, and is not due to any naturalcause, even in those with terminal illness. It is chemically induced so that anew and otherwise impossible cause of death has been substituted for theone, which was to be expected. From both the ethical and legal viewpoints,making a person die is different from letting a person die when it ismedically proper to do so. If the death certificate is honestly completed, itwill tell the story. Even the nature of the person's request is different; onerisk death, and the other seeks it.For whom is euthanasia proposed? Euthanasia has usually beenproposed only for those with terminal illness with severe suffering. Thechallenge of euthanasia is moral: Can it ever be right to kill an innocentperson? Is there a real need for euthanasia? Some would say that euthanasiais not needed that patients should have palliative care, but do theyunderstand what a patient is truly going through?Although a right to die is claimed, what is meant instead is a right tobe killed. The right to respect for...

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