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Doctor Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized?

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Suicide is the one of the common types of death and is increasing every year in the United States. People use suicide as an alternative method in order to get escape from their sufferings in life. There are different ways people commit suicide. Some people commit suicide using poisonous drugs or hanging them. However, one of the suicides that will be discussed is doctor-assisted suicides. Doctor-assisted suicide is the “voluntary termination of one’s own life by administration of a lethal substance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician.”(“Doctor-assisted suicide” 2). Doctor-assisted side is incorrect and immoral in our society instead we should give them love, hope and ...view middle of the document...

And when that happens, it will destroy the foundation of moral values accepted in each society.
The Medical world and medicine supposed to restore a human’s health but not to kill humans. Medicine and law states that, “we must not kill each other would seriously damage both institution capacities to carry the value of respect for human life.”(Somerville 64). The point here in this argument is very persuasive because the medicine and law is supposed to give life to a human but not be used to destroy it. However it all comes to the point of how hope plays an important role in human life. Hope is something that we can hold on to. For instance, the personal example that used before is a perfect case because the hope gave her a special strength in that dangerous situation. In the paragraph it says, “Hope is the oxygen of the human spirit.”(Somerville 64). Hope is a defense used by someone who is going through lots of problems in their life to give the belief that one day they will overcome all their problems in life. Hope gives strength to the human spirit, soul and the body. Support from families and friends also give a great amount of hope and strength to the individual. When life becomes a burden for these individual it’s just not a matter of time they will feel lonely and sad, then it becomes easier to make bad choices. When they get enough support it will help them to understand more about the value and the purpose about their life rather than just making a bad choice.
The weakness of this argument is that people don’t understand the value of life and there is nobody to tell them that it doesn’t have to end this way. According to Carrie Gordon...

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