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Doctor Fathom
In the year of 1992 during the month of June, two sweethearts named Diane West and Ethan David Jackson were attending their commencement ceremony at the Universal Military Academy in the New York campus. The Universal Military Academy was a College Preparatory and a Armed Forces Training School funded by the Universal Department of Defense. The UDD (Universal Department of Defense) was part of the Universal Executive Branch of Government lead by the World/Universal Governor or simply the G8 leader. The Universal Military Academy had more than one hundred twenty five campuses worldwide and it offered over 300 interdisciplinary courses related to Armed Force tactics (such as ...view middle of the document...

Diane Katherine Jackson was also emancipated from her Mother Juanita Jackson, a retired New York City Policewoman and her Father Charles Jackson, a retired Bronx Family Court judge. Ethan was born in 1974 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York and Diane was born the same exact year in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.
The husband and wife now lived in a technologically modified apartment filled with luxuries on 125th Street in Harlem, New York on Lexington Avenue. Well, we now know the basics about the parents so let’s introduce their little baby boy to the world now.
As they wished to name him, Jethro David Alexander Jackson was conceived on the 6th day of April of 1994 at the Harlem Hospital Center in the Neonatal section of the “blue building.” Diane, all fatigued from the pain and stress she went through to produce this fine product began to cry when she looked her baby boy in the eyes. “Oh gosh... look at his eyes... his face... he’s adorable” she cried. “Gosh almighty... I make good-looking children” laughed Ethan. “That means I married the right man then” said Diane. “Saint Mark’s Cathedral paired the right man and woman up for a holy union. It was so great that my parents changed their last name to Jackson because they accepted you as their son-in-law with dignity” said Diane.
Diane was referring to the wedding at Saint Mark’s Cathedral that took place on 110th Street in 1992 shortly after graduation. Diane’s parents, Charles and Juanita West (their legal name at the time) accepted Ethan as the right man to love and cherish their daughter. To prove it, they had their last name changed to Jackson as well (not legally, but as loyalty and love of the family).
The Jackson family’s happiness would eventually endure a bit of a fracture a few months later. In late 1994, Ethan and Diane received word from the drafting board that they would be drafted into the United States Navy to fight overseas. Around the year of 1994, the Cold War had ceased but the United States was involved in a conflict with Saddam Hussein and Iraq due to operation Desert Storm. The couple was somewhat saddened and angry because they wondered what effect this would have on their infant child. Luckily, Charles and Juanita from Bedford-Stuyvesant agreed to look after the rascal until the day (if possible) that Diane and Ethan were pulled out of the war. Charles and Juanita moved into the Harlem apartment that was still in Ethan and Diane’s name.
One day in mid 1997, Jethro’s parents actually came home for a brief holiday break. Ethan asked three year old Jethro if he knew who he was. Jethro replied by saying “I know who you are. You’re my daddy. I know who she is too. That’s my mommy” said Jethro (referring to his Father and Mother). Diane smiled but her face later turned to a frown when she noticed that the computer she was using was broken. Jethro then raced towards the computer and he started “going to work on the machine.”
“Eh... Jethro? Sweetie what are you doing?”...

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