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Doctor Faustus And The Role That Sin Plays In God's Divine Plan

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Doctor Faustus and the Role that Sin plays in God's Divine Plan.

The nature of sin is brought up many times in the play Doctor Faustus. It seems that Faustus (like all of us) is damned. The question posed is; can we as humans do anything to save ourselves from eternal damnation, or are we doomed from birth. The play deals with Faustus struggle to understand sin and its effect on the human soul. There is a interesting scene where the seven deadly sins appear before Faustus. To understand the importance of the seven deadly sins in this play, we must first learn what constitutes a sin. Once we grasp this, we can proceed to understand the role that sin has on the play. Then we can determine whether or not we as individuals have any impact on our salvation.

In the bible sin is regarded as any deviation or any lack of conformity, to the will and nature of God. The basic cause for sin is a lack of perfect love for god. Sins come in many forms, they can consist of deeds, thoughts, attitudes, or even states of character. The bible teaches that all people have sinned, and that by our nature we are all sinners. To find out more about the nature of sin I opened my bible to see what insight the new testament had to offer. It seems that nowhere in the bible is there an attempt to give a formal or comprehensive definition of sin. The bible talks a lot on the subject of sin but seems to give little philosophical insight into the nature of sin. The Apostle Paul declares that "anything that is not based on faith is sin." (Romans 14:23) It seems that God wants man to live with his face continually turned toward him in love, devotion, and obedience. The Apostle James talks about how there are sins of commission and omission, for "the person who does not do the good he knows he should do is guilty of sin." (James 4:17) We commit sin if we stand idlely by and do nothing. When Jesus was asked what commandment in the law was the greatest. He replied: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets depend on these two commandments." (Matthew 22:37-40). Since the entire law of God is according to the words of Jesus, this scripture is merely a commentary on the wonderful principles of love. If this is so, then sin should be defined in terms of a lack of love, rather than as a formal law. According to this point of view a sin is any failure to love God and our fellow man with a perfect heart, which then a lack of love would lead to certain attitudes and deeds which are displeasing to God. Keeping this in mind we can proceed to see how sins are classified.

There are two categories of sin, mortal sin and venial sin. We commit mortal sins when we break a commandment of God in a serious manner, for example, idolatry, adultery, murder, slander. These...

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